Graduate: PhD Tutorial and Laboratory Modules

For clarification of the Tutorials and Laboratory Modules, see Ph.D. Module Guidelines.

Students: Select your Modules from the list below in consultation with your Supervisor and Supervisory Committee within the first eight (8) months of your Ph.D. program. The modules should be recorded on the Ph.D. Planned Module Sessions form and submitted to the Pharmacology Graduate Office.  

Written approval from both your Supervisor and the Graduate Coordinator is required prior to undertaking any tutorial/module.

Faculty Tutorial/Lab  Topic of Module Spots Dates
Brands, B. Tutorial & Lab The Effects of Cannabis on Driving



Burnham, W.M. Tutorial

1) CNS Pharmacology
2) Epilepsy & Anticonvulsant Drugs



Ito, S. Tutorial Pediatric Pharmacogenetics OR 
Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology
Kish, S.J. Tutorial What is the Evidence that the Amphetamines MDMA (Ecstasy) and Methamphetamine are “Toxic” to Neurons in Human Brain? 1 TBD
Lanctot, K.L. Tutorial Clinical Pharmacology 4 May-August
Laposa, R. Tutorial Stem Cells in Pharmacology and Toxicology  20 Fall
Le, A.D. Tutorial Behavioral Pharmacology 2 Flexible
Le Foll, B. Tutorial Preclinical Models for Addiction 8 On Demand
Matthews, J.    Lab The Study of Receptor Mediated Gene Expression 2-4 Flexible
McPherson, J.P. Lab DNA Damage Response in Pharmacology and Toxicology Up to 6 May
Meyer, J. Tutorial PET Neuroimaging 4 November
Milgram, N.W. Tutorial Cognitive Neuropharmacology TBD Anytime
Mitchell, J.A. Lab Effect of Drugs on the Skeleton 5 Fall
Nobrega, J.N. Lab Visualization and quantification of brain receptor binding and gene expression in vitro 6 Last week in October (3 afternoons)
Petronis, A. Tutorial Epigenomics of Complex Disease 10+ Anytime
Ramsey, A. Tutorial Rodent Behaviors Used to Model Psychiatric Disease 3 per tutorial April
Riddick, D.S. Tutorial
Historical Landmarks in Drug Metabolism 
Drug Resistance in Cancer Chemotherapy
Salahpour, A. Tutorial + Lab Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer (BRET) many Ongoing
Salahpour, A. Tutorial + Lab Behavioural Pharmacology many Ongoing
Schapira, M. Tutorial + Lab Computer-assisted drug design 1-2 Ongoing
Schimmer, B.P. Tutorial Diseases of the Adrenal Cortex and their Pharmacological Management
Pioneers and Classic Papers in Pharmacology
4-6 May
Swardfager, W. Tutorial Clinical Neuropharmacology of Cognitive Disorders 4-6 May-Aug
Tyndale, R.F. Lab Pharmacogenetics 4 June
Warsh, J.J. Tutorial + Lab  Neural Precursor and induced Pluripotent Stem Cells for Modeling Cellular Pathophysiology of Psychiatric Disorders and Drug Discovery 2 Spring
Wells, P.G. Tutorial Chemical Teratogenesis 1 Jan-May
Wong, A. Tutorial Clinical Psychopharmacology 1-2 Flexible/Ongoing
Woodland, C. Tutorial Principles and Topics in Toxicology 4 Spring/Summer
Zawertailo, L. Tutorial Clinical Research in Addiction 2-4 Flexible