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Mar 27, 2018


Presented by Dr. Dieter Reinhardt
                         McGill University, Faculty of Medicine

Venue: Room 2170, Medical Sciences bldg., U of T

Apr 3, 2018


Dept. of Pharmacology & Toxicology Seminar SeriesW. Brent Derry, Ph.D. Senior ScientistW. Brent Derry, Ph.D.

Presented by: Dr. W. Brent Derry, Ph.D. - Senior Scientist @ Hospital for Sick Children & Professor@Dept. of Molecular Genetics

Venue: Medical Sciences Bldg., Room 2170

Apr 17, 2018


Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology Seminar SeriesPeter WellsPeter Wells

Presented by: Dr. Peter G. Wells
Faculty of Pharmacy,
Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology

Venue: Medical Sciences Bldg., Room 4171

Jun 5, 2018

All day

Hi everyone, 


The Pharmacology Graduate Students’ Association (PGSA) is happy to announce that the 2018 Visions in Pharmacology (VIP) research day will be held on Tuesday, June 5, 2018.


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