Departmental Achievements

Here are some of the many accomplishments achieved by our faculty and students.


Dr. Walter Roschlau Memorial Award in Pharmacology - This award recognizes Dr. Walter Roschlau's dedication to teaching by honouring students with the best academic records in the graduating class of the Arts & Science programs in Pharmacology & Toxicology.

W. Mac Burnham Achievement Award - This award recognizes the highest academic achievement in our courses by a student graduating from one of our Major programs.

Dezso Kadar Student Achievement Award - Presented by the Division of Teaching Laboratories to the top student within the Undergraduate Laboratory course.

Graduate and Life Sciences Education Undergraduate Student Leadership Award - These awards recognize undergraduate students in the Faculty of Medicine, Arts and Science Programs for their leadership and scholarship.


Dr. Malle Jurima-Romet Award - This award offsets costs associated with extracurricular pursuits in the arts by a graduate student in our Department.

Harold Kalant Award - This award is given for an outstanding scientific publication of original research by a graduate student in the department.

Amar K. Sen Memorial Award - This award is presented to a recently graduated Ph.D. student for outstanding scientific contributions made during the course of the Doctoral program in Pharmacology.

Fiona Smillie Memorial Award (formerly the Departmental Service Award) - This award is presented to a graduate student who has significantly contributed to the Department by advancing the interests of graduate students and/or improving the experience of graduate studies for students in the department.

Visions in Pharmacology Travel Award - This award is presented to the graduate student with the most outstanding poster presentation at the annual Visions in Pharmacology (VIP) Research Day