Departmental Achievements

Here are some of the many accomplishments achieved by our faculty and students.


Dr. Walter Roschlau Memorial Award in Pharmacology - This award recognizes Dr. Walter Roschlau's dedication to teaching by honouring students with the best academic records in the graduating class of the Arts & Science programs in Pharmacology & Toxicology.

W. Mac Burnham Achievement Award - This award recognizes the highest academic achievement in our courses by a student graduating from one of our Major programs.

Dezso Kadar Student Achievement Award - Presented by the Division of Teaching Laboratories to the top student within the Undergraduate Laboratory course.

Graduate and Life Sciences Education Undergraduate Student Leadership Award - These awards recognize undergraduate students in the Faculty of Medicine, Arts and Science Programs for their leadership and scholarship.


Amar K. Sen Memorial Award - This award is presented to a recently graduated Ph.D. student for outstanding scientific contributions made during the course of the Doctoral program in Pharmacology.

Dr. Malle Jurima-Romet Award - This award offsets costs associated with extracurricular pursuits in the arts by a graduate student in our Department.

Excellence Through Equity Graduate Scholarships - This award aims to recognize academic excellence and potential for contribution to research excellence and to break down some of the barriers to entering and engaging in graduate studies in an inclusive environment. 

Fiona Smillie Memorial Award (formerly the Departmental Service Award) - This award is presented to a graduate student who has significantly contributed to the Department by advancing the interests of graduate students and/or improving the experience of graduate studies for students in the department.

Harold Kalant Award - This award is given for an outstanding scientific publication of original research by a graduate student in the department.

Leadership and Exemplary Service Award - This award recognizes current graduate students or postdoctoral fellows from the Department who have contributed significantly to student life and/or showed exemplary leadership in the past academic year.

Visions in Pharmacology Travel Award - This award is presented to the graduate student with the most outstanding poster presentation at the annual Visions in Pharmacology (VIP) Research Day