Amar K. Sen Memorial Award

The Amar K. Sen Memorial Award pays tribute to the outstanding contributions that the late Professor Amar K. Sen made to the areas of graduate education and graduate student mentoring. Dr. Sen was a tremendously respected scientist, teacher, colleague, mentor and friend in the Department from the 1960s until his retirement in the early 1990s. He will be remembered not only for his seminal scientific contributions but also for his tireless commitment to the Department's mission and his friendship among his colleagues, students and peers.


This award is presented to a recently graduated Ph.D. student for outstanding scientific contributions made during the course of the Doctoral program in Pharmacology at the University of Toronto.

The primary criterion for the award is the quality and impact of scientific research, as demonstrated in original first-author publications.

Other criteria that will be considered include:

  • Academic performance in the Doctoral program
  • Graduate awards and distinctions
  • Student leadership activities
  • Contribution to scientific activities and team projects
  • Timeliness of Doctoral degree completion


Selection will be made by the Graduate Education Committee of the Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology.

Applications for this award shall consist of the following components:

  1. Candidate's curriculum vitae and publication list
  2. Candidate's graduate transcript or ACORN statement of grades
  3. Candidate's first-author papers describing the Ph.D. thesis research
  4. One letter of support from the candidate's Ph.D. Supervisor OR a member of the candidate's Ph.D. Supervisory Committee

Graduates of the Ph.D. program who graduated during the 2019 calendar year are invited to apply for the 2020 award. Applications must be received no later than Friday, April 17, 2020. Applications should be emailed to Dr. Peter McPherson. Graduate Supervisors are also encouraged to nominate former trainees.

Past Recipients

Myuri RuthirakuhanMyuri Ruthirakuhan, 2020 Award Recipient 2020: Myuri Ruthirakuhan
2019: Taraneh Taghavi
2018: Julie-Anne Tanner
2017: Yuliya Lytvyn
2016: Meghan Chenoweth
2015: Andy Zhu
2014: Noufissa Kabli
2013: Meaghan Creed
2012: Vaneeta Verma
2011: Simerpal Gill
2010: Jill Mwenifumbo & Ameer Taha
2009: Lick Pui Lai
2008: Anna M. Lee
2007: Dennis Lee & Mary Erclik
2006: Diana Stempak
2005: Kerri Schoedel