Graduate: How Do I Apply to the CSBT?

Candidates who wish to enrol in the Collaborative Specialization in Biomedical Toxicology must first apply to and be accepted by one of the participating home departments under its regulations. Once applicants have been accepted by a home department, and have selected a supervised research thesis project in an area related to biomedical toxicology, they should contact the Program Director, Dr. Cindy Woodland. Please note that the research supervisor must be a member of the graduate faculty.

Applicants who listed the Biomedical Toxicology Program on their graduate school applications, and who have successfully obtained appropriate graduate supervision, will be sent a program application within one month of registration. These applicants must contact the Director of the Program to schedule an appointment to complete the necessary registration process.

Students who commence their graduate program in the fall term must have registered with the Collaborative Specialization in Biomedical Toxicology Director by October 15th of the same year. Students commencing their graduate program in January must register by January 31st of the same year.

The following home departments participate in the Collaborative Specialization in Biomedical Toxicology:

Graduate students from departments other than the participating departments listed, who are interested in pursuing a joint degree in toxicology should speak to the Director of the Collaborative Specialization in Biomedical Toxicology and the graduate advisor(s) in their home department to discuss this possibility.