Faculty: Ruth A. Ross, PhD

ChairRuth A. Ross, PhD
Professor & Chair

General Research Areas: Biochemical & Molecular Pharmacology; Drug Addiction; Neuropharmacology/Psychopharmacology; Receptor Pharmacology; Second Messengers & Signal Transduction; Cannabinoid Pharmacology, GPCR, Cannabis, Orphan GPCR

Ruth Ross is engaged in research into the molecular pharmacology of the cannabinoids and related lipid signalling systems. Her research is directed both toward gaining insight into the deleterious effects of cannabis smoking, the potential for cannabis a medicine and the development of small molecules targeting G protein coupled receptors. Together with medicinal chemists she is engaged in the development of novel small molecule therapeutics for major diseases including chronic pain, addiction, cancer and diabetes.

Selected Publications

Greig IR, Baillie GL, Abdelrahman M, Trembleau L, Ross RA. (2016). Development of indole sulfonamides as cannabinoid receptor negative allosteric modulators. Bioorg Med Chem 2016. Lett;26(18):4403-7.

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