Faculty: Manuela G. Neuman, MSc, PhD, FCAB

Manuela G. Neuman, MSc, PhDManuela G. Neuman, MSc, PhD
Adjunct Professor, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Associated Global Health, University of Toronto
Professor, UMF, Bucharest

General Research Areas: In Vitro Drug Safety and Biotechnology; Non invasive biomarkers in Infectious Disease and Immunology; Translational Research in Liver, Brain and Skin Diseases.

Dr. Neuman is Adjunct Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology, and Associated Global Health, at the University of Toronto, and a Professor at the Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMF), Bucharest.

She is the founder and CEO In Vitro Drug Safety and Biotechnology, Toronto.

Dr. Neuman holds a M.Sc. in Biology from University of Bucharest, a Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Institute of Inframicrobiology, Faculty of Medicine, Bucharest, Ph.D. in Physiology and Pharmacology from Tel-Aviv University.

Dr. Neuman also completed her post - doctoral fellowship in Clinical Chemistry, Hepatology, Immunology, Gastroenterology and Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada.

Her research was in the Department of Biochemistry and in the Chemotherapy Institute, while she acted as a biochemist at the "Victor Babes" Hospital in Bucharest. In this positions harmaceuticlal had "hands on" daily routine, as well as, acting as a laboratory scientific director making liason between the laboratory and drug discovery platforms and translational research. 

Dr. Neuman has published extensively in the areas of therapeutic and drug of (use and misuse) monitoring, new biologic and their monitoring in clinical practice, pharmacogenetic and immunopharmacogentic clinical applications, drug-induced liver and skin adverse reactions, liver immunology, hepatocellular carcinoma and inflammatory bowel disease. Since 1992, she is a member of the IATDMCT.

As the Director of  In Vitro Drug Safety and Biotechnology, her focus was on discovering/ proposing new targets.

Dr. Neuman implemented therapeutic monitoring of biological speeding up the clinical validation and advancing the early development of new drug candidates.

Dr. Neuman has served the University of Toronto in many capacities including Head of the In Vitro Biotechnology Platform. Her In vitro modeling technology allows accurate decision making at critical junctures in drug development. Moreover alternative options for therapeutic class are provided.

She has a renowned record in promoting of hepatic safety of agents in patients with underlying liver disease.

Another important subject of Dr. Neuman’s research is efficacy of therapies, expression of pathogen recognition receptors and signaling pathways involved in liver injury. Dr. Neuman uses therapeutic and drug monitoring techniques as key to personalized medicine that allows earlier detection of diseases. In addition, Dr. Neuman is an organizer of symposia on the basic and translational research, in different social and scientific national and international fora.

Selected Publications:

Neuman MG, Cohen L, Nanau MR, Hwang P. Genetic and immune predictors for hypersensitivity syndrome to antiepileptic drugs. Transl Res, (J Clinical and Lab Medicine), 159 (5), 397-406, 2012 May; DOI 101016/j. trsl 201201.004. Eprub 2012, Jan 26,PMID: 22500513.

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