Faculty: Laszlo Endrenyi, PhD

Laszlo Endrenyi, PhDLaszlo Endrenyi, PhD
Professor Emeritus

General Research Area: Pharmacokinetics
Assessment of Bioequivalence and Bioavailability of Drugs, Biosimilarity


 Selected Publications:

 L. Endrenyi and P. Al-Shaikh. (1995).  Sensitive and specific determination of the equivalence of absorption rates.  Pharm.  Res. 12, 1856-1864.

 L. Tothfalusi and L. Endrenyi.  (2003).  Limits for the scaled average bioequivalence of highly variable drugs and drug products.  Pharm. Res. 20, 382-389.

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L. Tothfalusi and L. Endrenyi. (2011).  Sample sizes for designing bioequivalence studies for highly variable drugs.  J. Pharm. Pharmaceut. Sci. 15: 73-84.

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L. Endrenyi, H.H. Blume, and L. Tothfalusi. (2017). The two main goals of bioequivalence studies. AAPS J., e-preprint.

L. Endrenyi, P.J. Declerck, and S.C. Chow. (2017)  Biosimilar drug product development. CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, London-New York, pp. 477.


Contact Information:
Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Email: l.endrenyi@utoronto.ca