Faculty: John L. Wallace, PhD, MBA, FRSC

John L. Wallace, PhD, MBA, FRSCJohn L. Wallace, PhD, MBA, FRSC
Adjunct Professor, Pharmacology & Toxicology
Chief Scientific Officer, Antibe Therapeutics Inc.

General Research Areas: Inflammation; Gastroenterology; Drug Development

Google Scholar publication list

Selected Publications:

Kirkby NS, Chan MV, Zaiss A, Garcia-Vaz E, Jiao J, Burglund LM, Verdu E, Wallace JL, Hershman HR, Gomez MF, Mitchell JA. Systematic study of constitutive cyclo-oxygenase-2 expression: role of NFκB and NFAT transcriptional pathways Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 113: 434-439, 2016.

Paul-Clark M, Elsheikh W, Kirkby N, Chan M, Devchand P, Agbor TA, Flannigan KL, Cheadle C, Freydin M, Ianaro A, Mitchell JA, Wallace JL. Profound chemopreventative effects of a hydrogen sulfide-releasing NSAID in the APCMin/+ mouse model of intestinal tumorigenesis. PLoS One 11: e0147289 (16 pages), 2016.

Blackler RW, De Palma G, Manko A, Da Silva GJ, Flannigan KL, Bercik P, Surette MG, Buret AG, Wallace JL. Deciphering the pathogenesis of NSAID-enteropathy using proton pump inhibitors and a hydrogen sulfide-releasing NSAID. Am J Physiol 308: G994-1003, 2015.

Magierowski M, Jasnos K, Drozdowicz D, Strzalka M, Ptak-Belowska A, Kwiecien S, Wallace JL, Brzozowski T. Endogenous prostaglandins and afferent sensory nerves in gastroprotective effect of hydrogen sulfide against stress-induced gastric lesions. PLoS One 10: e0118972 (21 pages), 2015.

Motta JP, Flannigan KL, Agbor TA, Beatty JK, Blackler RW, Workentine ML, Da Silva GJ, Wang R, Buret AG, Wallace JL. Hydrogen sulfide protects from colitis and restores intestinal microbiota biofilm and mucus production. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases 21: 1006-1017, 2015.

Flannigan KL, Agbor TA, Motta J-P, Ferraz JGP, Wang R, Buret AG, Wallace JL. Pro-resolution effects of hydrogen sulfide during colitis are mediated through hypoxia-inducible factor-1α. FASEB J 29: 1591-1602, 2015.

Wallace JL, Blackler RW, Chan MV, da Silva GJ, Elsheikh W, Flannigan KL, Gamaniek I, Manko A, Wang L, Motta JP, Buret AG. Anti-inflammatory and cytoprotective actions of hydrogen sulphide: translation to therapeutics. Antiox Redox Signal 22: 398-410, 2015.

Blackler RW, Motta JP, Manko A, Workentine M, Surette MG, Wallace JL. Hydrogen sulfide protects against NSAID-enteropathy through modulation of bile and the microbiota. Br J Pharmacol 172: 992-1004, 2015.

Wallace JL, Wang R. Hydrogen sulfide-based therapeutics: exploiting a unique but ubiquitous gasotransmitter. Nature Rev Drug Discovery 14: 329-345, 2015.

Zayachkivska O, Havryluk O, Hrycevych N, Bula N, Grushka O, Wallace JL. Cytoprotective effects of hydrogen sulfide in novel rat models of non-erosive esophagitis. PLoS One 9: e110688 (8 pages).

Elsheikh W, Blackler RW, Flannigan KL, Wallace JL. Enhanced chemopreventative effects of a hydrogen sulfide-releasing NSAID (ATB-346) in experimental colorectal cancer.  Nitric Oxide 41: 131-137.

Flannigan KL, Agbor TA, Blackler RW, Kim JJ, Khan WI, Verdu E, Ferraz JGP, Wallace JL. Impaired hydrogen sulfide synthesis and IL-10 signaling underlie hyperhomocysteinemia-associated exacerbation of colitis.  Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 111: 13559-13564, 2014.



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