Faculty: Amy J. Ramsey, PhD

Amy J. Ramsey, PhDAmy J. Ramsey, PhD
Associate Professor

General Research Areas: Animal models of schizophrenia, neuropharmacology, NMDA receptor biology.

Our laboratory is interested in studying schizophrenia using genetic mouse models of the disease with altered levels of neurotransmitter receptors and regulatory proteins. These models are studied at the molecular level, examining changes in gene expression and protein biology, and at the whole animal level, examining changes in behavioral pharmacology.

One of the principal efforts of our laboratory is to understand the physiological consequences of NMDA receptor deficiency using a genetic mouse model that expresses low levels of the receptor throughout the brain. The NMDA receptor is a subtype of glutamate neurotransmitter receptors that regulates the formation and maintenance of synaptic connections between neurons. It plays an important role in the way that neurons wire together and change the strength of synaptic connections with experience. It is also implicated in a number of disease states including schizophrenia, a devastating mental illness.

Our previous work has demonstrated that NMDA receptor deficient mice represent a model of schizophrenia, exhibiting behavioral abnormalities that can be partially reversed with antipsychotic drugs. More recent studies have focused on the biochemical composition of the synapse, and the resulting morphology of the postsynaptic spine. The goal of our efforts is to understand which proteins and signal transduction systems are altered when NMDA receptors are deficient. This knowledge may provide new insights into therapeutic treatments for schizophrenia, which can be experimentally tested in our model systems.


Selected Publications:

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