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PCL473Y1 - Interdisciplinary Toxicology 52 L

Dr. C. Woodland  (416 978-3102);Email: cindy.woodland@utoronto.ca

A survey course covering several contemporary topics in toxicology. Although a broad area is covered, emphasis is placed on human/mammalian toxicology.  Lectures are given by members of the Department of Pharmacology, and representatives from several other Institutes.

Topics in the course may include: adverse drug reactions; acute poisonings; natural toxins, maternal-fetal toxicology, forensic toxicology, environmental chemistry, pesticides, dioxins, regulatory toxicology, occupational toxicology, food toxicology, herbal products, alcohol, tobacco smoking, and drugs of abuse.

Marking Scheme: Two mid-term exams, short answer format (20% each); two mid-term assignments (15% each); final exam, short answer format (30%). Mid-term assignments assess the ability to comprehend and critique the current research literature.

Prerequisites: BCH210H1/310H1, PCL201H1, PCL302H1, PCL362H1