Potential Graduate Supervisors

The following are Pharmacology Graduate Faculty who have indicated that places may be available in their laboratories during the upcoming academic year. This list only applies to applicants to the Ph.D. program and the thesis-based M.Sc. program.



Faculty member Location Phone number Email Address
Al-awar, R. OICR 416-673-8577 rima.alawar@oicr.on.ca
Andreazza, A.C. MSB 4204 416-978-6042 ana.andreazza@utoronto.ca
Beaulieu, J.M. MSB 4344   martin.beaulieu@utoronto.ca
Boutros, P.C. OICR 416-673-8564 paul.boutros@oicr.on.ca
Brands, B. CAMH-ARF 416-535-8501 x6860 bruna.brands@camh.ca
Burnham,M. MSB 4352 416-978-0779 mac.burnham@utoronto.ca
Goldstein, B. Sunnybrook


Grant, D.M. MSB 4316 416-978-8191 denis.grant@utoronto.ca
Hampson, D. Pharmaceutical Sciences 416-978-4494 d.hampson@utoronto.ca
Ito, S. Hospital for Sick Children 416-813-5776 shinya.ito@sickkids.ca
Kish, S.J. CAMH - Clarke 416-535-8501 x6256 stephen.kish@utoronto.ca
Lanctôt, K. Sunnybrook 416-480-6100 x2241 krista.lanctot@sunnybrook.ca
Laposa, R. MSB 4213 416-978-0019 rebecca.laposa@utoronto.ca
Le, A.D. CAMH - ARF 416-535-8501 x6744 anh.le@camh.ca
Le Foll, B. CAMH - ARF 416-535-8501 x4772 bernard.lefoll@camh.ca
Mitchell, J. MSB 4342 416-978-0841 jane.mitchell@utoronto.ca
Mizrahi, R. CAMH - Clarke 416-535-8501 x34508 romina.mizrahi@camhpet.ca
Nobrega, J. CAMH - Clarke 416-535-8501 x6259 jose.nobrega@camh.ca
Pang, K.S. Pharmaceutical Sciences 416-978-6164 ks.pang@utoronto.ca
Parker, John D. Mount Sinai Hospital 416-586-4794 john.parker@uhn.ca
Petronis, A. CAMH - Clarke 416-535-8501 x4880 art.petronis@camh.ca
Piquette-Miller, M. Pharmaceutical Sciences 416-946-3057 m.piquette.miller@utoronto.ca
Pollock, B. CAMH - ARF 416-979-6890 bruce.pollock@utoronto.ca
Ramsey, A. MSB 4302A 416-978-2509 a.ramsey@utoronto.ca
Ross, R.A. MSB 4207 416-978-2723 ruth.ross@utoronto.ca
Roy, P. Donnelly Centre, Rm 1202 416-946-8395 peter.roy@utoronto.ca
Salahpour, A. MSB 4302 416-978-2046 ali.salahpour@utoronto.ca
Salmena, L. MSB 4211 416-978-3341 leonardo.salmena@utoronto.ca
Sibille, E.L. CAMH - Clarke 416-534-8501 x36571 etienne.sibille@camh.ca
Snead III, O. C. Hospital For Sick Children 416-813-7851 csnead@sickkids.on.ca
Sun, H-S MSB 1185 416-978-8848 hss.sun@utoronto.ca
Swardfager, W. Sunnybrook 416-480-6100 ext. 85409 w.swardfager@utoronto.ca
Tyndale, R.F. MSB 4326 416-978-6374 r.tyndale@utoronto.ca
Uetrecht, J. Pharmaceutical Sciences 416-978-8939 jack.uetrecht@utoronto.ca
Verma, S. St. Michael's Hospital 416-864-5997 subodh.verma@sympatico.ca
Wells, J.W. Pharmaceutical Sciences 416-978-3068 jwells@phm.utoronto.ca
Wells, P.G. Pharmaceutical Sciences 416-978-3221 pg.wells@utoronto.ca
Wong, A.H.C. CAMH - Clarke 416-535-8501 x4010 albert wong@utoronto.ca
Zack, M. CAMH - ARF 416-535-8501 x6052 martin.zack@camh.ca
Zawertailo, L. CAMH - Clarke 416-535-8501 X4722 laurie.zawertailo@camh.ca

CAMH-Clarke: Centre for Addiction & Mental Health (Clarke Institute of Psychiatry), 250 College Street
CAMH-ARF: Centre for Addiction & Mental Health (Addiction Research Foundation), 33 Russell Street
MSB: Medical Sciences Building, 1 King's College Circle
OICR: Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, MaRS Centre, 661 University Avenue
PMCC: Princess Margaret Cancer Center/University Health Network, 610 University Avenue

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