Bernard P. Schimmer, Ph.D.


Schimmer  Professor Emeritus of Pharmacology and
 Banting and Best Department of Medical Research - Not taking new graduate students


 General Area of Research Interest: Endocrinology

 Molecular and Genetic Analysis of Hormone Action and Hormone Biosynthesis in the Adrenal Cortex


Selected Publications:

Schimmer BP, White PC. Minireview: Steroidogenic Factor 1: Its Roles in Differentiation, Development, and Disease. Mol Endocrinol. 2010 (published on-line March 4, 2010 as doi:10.1210/me.2009-0519 (In press).

Rui X, Tsao J, Scheys JO, Hammer GD, Schimmer BP. Contributions of specificity protein-1 and steroidogenic factor 1 to Adcy4 expression in Y1 mouse adrenal cells. Endocrinology. 2008; 149: 3668-3678.

Schimmer BP, Cordova M, Cheng H, Tsao A, Morris Q. A genome-wide assessment of adrenocorticotropin action in the Y1 mouse adrenal tumor cell line. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 2007; 265-266:102-107.

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